Business model and develoopment strategy

  • What is the economic concept of the enterprise?

  • Plan how to implement the business model you described earlier  without letting the competition you Identified enjoy your success


A beginner entrepreneur guide

Describe your idea in details

  • What is the product you would like to develop?

  • What makes it unique?.

  • Who is going to buy your product? Who is your customer?

  • What is the demand for the product?

Investigate your competitioin

  • Is there a similar product in the market?

  • Are there other solutions in the market for the need your product refers to?

  • What added value / benefit your product would give to the potential user over the existing solutions?

Conceptualize your product in words

  • Don't lock on the first solution, usually is not perfect.

  • Talk to experts, consult with relevant people, reject wrong ideas and build new ones until you will get to the optimal solution

Technology aspects

  • Which technologies exists out there?

  • How to improve or upgrade existing technologies?

  • Is there a need for new technology development?

  • You woke up one day with a great 'space related' idea

  • You believe you figured out a way to solve a 'space related' problem or discovered a technological breakthrough.

  • You think you can make tons of money by just making it happen. All you need are some engineers and a little bit of money ...

  • Well, …  hold it for a sec and try to follow this list so eventually you could follow your idea

You've got an [Space related] business idea ...

Build your team

  • Start recruiting your team. The history is full of stories about unsuccessful lonely entrepreneurs. You need a strong capable team

Fund your company

  • Raising capital for start-ups is a major obstacle; do you have a self-financing resources?  

  • If not, Space-Nest can be your solution

Now you have to write it all down in a document called a business plan.


When done email it to

And one more thing, if you have questions or get stuck half way and you do not know how to proceed.

Do not hesitate to write us at any stage.

We are here to help you prove that .... the sky is not the limit ....

Do you want to start-up your Space company ?

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