Our Vision

Space-Nest is an innovation and entrepreneurship center.  Space-Nest offers seed funding for early stage aerospace companies and supports bidding for supplementary governmental grants.



Space-Nest provides technological and industrial mentoring for space startups.In view of Space-Nest  international connections the startups supported by Space-Nest enjoy expousure to to global players, professional guidence and access to development and testing facilities of the leading players in the Israeli space industry.

Space-Nest is the first Israeli NewSpace technologies and application center, aiming to become a leader in the world's private space industry, Space-Nest will create a new eco-system in Israel allowing its portfolio companies to grow, succeed and accelerate into the "NewSpace" era in a creative, innovative and professional environment.

A short quote from the linked above wikipedia page that included many references and additional information.

NewSpace and entrepreneurial

space—an umbrella term for a movement and philosophy often affiliated with, but not synonymous with, an emergent private spaceflight industry. Specifically, the terms are used to refer to a community of relatively new aerospace companies working to develop low-cost access to space or spaceflight technologies and advocates of low-cost spaceflight technology and policy.

One size does not fit all

Boutique Concept, Each startup is fitted with a personally tailored suit

SpaceNest Team

Danny Shtaier

Founder and CEO

Danny holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering  and an ME in Systems Engineering both from the Technion.

For 8 years Danny worked at IAI / MBT Space Division as a system engineer and was the head of the satellite engineers team. He also been EROS B launch campaign manager

Ofer Lapid
Founder and CTO

Ofer Lapid holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a MSc in Electronics Systems Engineering and Management both from Tel Aviv university.  Ofer has over 22 years of experience in aerospace systems engineering design production fielding and operations. 


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